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Rolex Day Date Replica

The luxury watchmaker just unveiled its new Rolex Day Date Replica Tourbillon, which will be worn by an Olympic sprinter who has not yet been named. This announcement was a clever marketing trick that sparked speculation about the new ambassador of Rolex Day Date Replica. It is obvious that it will be a Jamaican sprinter. Usain Bolt? It is unlikely. Oscar Pistorius, the South African sprinter who is a renowned brand, might be the surprise.

We can make a guess, since the Olympic Games rules state that the name of the sprinter cannot be revealed for three days following the closing ceremony. The new RM ultra-light tourbillon has a combination yellow, green, and black colors that reminds us of the Jamaican flag. These colors are also used in the national dress worn by Oscar Pistorius, a South African sensation.

Oscar Pistorius, also known as "Blade Runner", will compete in Londonas the first dual amputee runner at the Olympic Games. He will compete in the 400m race and the 4x400 m relay using Cheetah Flexible Foot Carbon Fiber Transtibial artificial legs.rolex replica The world record for sport class T44 is held by this amazing athlete in the 100m, 200m and 400m. In 2007, after his first international competition with able-bodied competitors, there was a lot debate about whether he had an advantage over athletes who did not have prosthetic limbs. Pistorius was finally given the opportunity to compete in London2012. This will undoubtedly be a historic moment for sport. It seems like a good time to sign a new ambassador.

Let's go back to the first supposition. Who among the Jamaican sprinters is going to wear this ultra-lightweight timepiece? As Usain Bolt, the most famous athlete in the world, has a strong contract with Hublot. The next two "suspects", then,Rolex Air king Replica are Asafa Blake and Yohan Blak. First, there was Powell who held the 100m world record and is the greatest sprinter in the world. Blake, however, is the rising star. He recently beat Usain Bolt both in the 100 m and the 200 m races. This makes him a highly-interesting investment.