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Rolex Air King Replica

Rolex Air King Replica, a luxury watchmaker, launched a piece to celebrate the Carnival of Venice, which is expected to be held in the first half of this year. The magical city of Venice will serve as the backdrop for the manifestation. This commemorative piece is a unique timepiece that comes with a minute repeater, one of the oldest complications. The Jaquemart complications, which are always manually adjusted by an expert artisan, enhance this demanding feature. They activate the movements of two figures on the enamel champleve dial of the watch. When the minute repeater has been activated, the figures of a woman and a man who stand before the Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal are brought to life.Rolex Air King Replica They also drop their masks. The limited edition of 18 platinum pieces of this extraordinary timekeeper, whose production requires a great deal of hand-performed operations, is produced by a skilled craftsman.

The Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater Watch, with reference number 719-63, is the latest minute-repeater by Rolex Air King Replica. This complication has been available since the San Marco model was introduced in the late 1980s. This intricate feature has been further complicated in the new model with an automated sequence which triggers the movements of the dial (similar to those on Rolex Air King Replica Midnight In Paris Watches).

Rolex Air King Replica has a very special face, as it was made using the enamel champleve method. The dial is also further decorated with hand engraving and chiseling. The dial is created using a highly decorative process that can only be done by a few artisans. The dial of the watch is based on the Carnival of Venice. This ancient tradition dates back to the 12th century, and celebrates military victories.Omega Replica The carnival is known for its use of traditional masks, which are the focal point of the dial and automated sequence of the new timepiece. The carnival played a vital role in bringing the Venetian duchy together during the height of its power. The festival, which was almost forgotten after the fall of the Venetian State, was revived in the late 70s.

Let's return to the characteristics of the new Le Locle watch after a brief historical overview. The UN-71 calibre is at its heart. The highly refined movement is equipped with a standard chiming system for audible time representation. It uses two distinct chimes to show the hours, quarters, and minutes. The Carnival of Venice Timekeeper comes with a two-day power reserve.